Zoonosis and that’s been hard to do until Gilman stepped up and said he thought we should have a prize for the best paper in the field of evolution of medicine published in any journal he and I talked about this say but I think we should just first acknowledge Gil Roman I think there are many great people for those who don’t know Gil I’m going to take one minute just to say a little bit about him because he’s had a remarkable career and he’s been at both extraordinary generous of his time and his resources to all of academic medicine and indeed to the whole of this country science endeavor he’s previously been a direct a deputy director of the office of science technology and policy under professor Jimmy Carter he’s being Dean of the School of Public Health and Washington University of Washington it’s been the chief executive officer of the University of Michigan Health System and he continues to be remarkably active in many ways and science in this country and that he spent all three days here having been brainwashed no doubt by Randy from his time of Michigan and he’s supporting the society and this way is just a remarkable thanks Gil

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