You Could Always Give It A Try

Now if you didn’t get much I’d almost consider not reinstalling and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta waiting and installing steam tomorrow

Thats exactly what I thought about doing, but you need to have the windows version set up to connect it to a steam accounts right?

Yeah as far as I know you’d want it… I didn’t know if you’d just started, in which case I would have just abandoned it and made a fresh account on steam. Can you follow the tweaker manual that downloads the whole game thru tweaker, has you enable developer mode in windows, and has the powershell script in the end to add the install to the windows store and all that? Furthermore, if you did, did you install it into another directory than the windows shop install it in to?

Yeah I followed the tweaker guide, but still didn’t work and I kind of just started but my character already reached level 48, prior to the game crashed. In terms of the different directory I installed it onto a seprate hard drive, from C drive, which is the reason why I managed to format the drive and try new installs.

That is weird I would say try a restore point but not certain how an upgrade would lead into the tweaker getting stuck if it’s a totally new install. I would try asking for help in the discord in the sidebar but worst case you can return close to this level again just blasting thru some of the tutorial type quests but losing your character customization and some other items would suckHave you checked in with the technician advice people about the fleet discord? They could have the ability to find out the matter.

So I really had the exact same specific issue today once I tried to log onI flashed a lot of times… I ended up getting it to work by downloading the tweaker fixer I discovered to a YouTube guide. For some reason about the tweaker when I’d head to launch itwould ask if I Would like to launch the Microsoft store to play Buy meseta pso2 it which appearantly was incorrect


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