you are born anew every morning

We are reborn every morning,filled with new strength to dare ourself to become better. Yes everyone of us as leaders can always become better when we dare to believe,when we dare to create a new vision,when we dare to live our authentiv self,when we make effort to creater greater things.
Raise up to a new day,with your new strength and concquare the day from your wealth of knowledge gained in the school of life,the school with unending lessons. Lessons that equip us to become better,better leabers,better readers,better writers and most importantly bettter leaders.
Our life is a leadership jouney that spans from birth to transition,we all have 24 daily,
Dare yourself to creater a greater tumoro,a tumoro that is not dependent on the economy but on your faith and determination using the “Image” within you to triumph in everything you do.
Cheers to a new you. Have a fulfilling day

Eleas Stanley Bhuji
Eleas Stanley Bhuji
You can reach me on 08097886721,08114521683 Cheers

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