If you have a Prime Gaming account, here comes a chance to win free OSRS Membership. Until Nov. 10th, join in Prime Gaming Last Man Standing OSRS to battle for glory.

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Prime Plays Last Man Standing OSRS

This month, the game team is working with Prime Gaming to host a one-of-a-kind Last Man Standing event, in which 24 of the toughest players will be battling for glory.
To join in this event, you need to link your Prime Gaming and OSRS accounts by the instructions on the official RS Prime Gaming page. Once you have done that, play and win as many games of Last Man Standing OSRS as you can between October 21st and November 10th, 2020. The players with the most Competitive or High Stakes wins will compete in the Grand Finale on November 14th.
Notice: There is also a chance to participate in Prime Gaming Last Man Standing if you cannot claim your ticket right away. As long as you claim it before November 10th, your wins from throughout the tournament period will still count.

Prizes of Prime Gaming Last Man Standing

The following prizes will be rewarded to the winners of the Grand Finale:
1st Place: 1 year of OSRS Membership
2nd Place: 6 months of Membership
3rd Place: 3 months of Membership
4th-24th Place: 1 month of Membership

Have you joined in Prime Gaming Last Man Standing OSRS?

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