Is willpower overrated? Do we Slim Naturals Reviewactually use willpower in day to day life or do we get accustomed to doing a habit because it has been practiced enough? If we base our results in life on willpower alone, we could potentially be setting ourselves up to fail. What we may need to do is create habits.

So what exactly is willpower? Willpower is a hyped up word for self-discipline or control. It is our ability to carry out the action we say we will and not be “tempted” by various circumstances or objects of desire. Willpower should really be called “skillpower”. The ability to make informed decisions based on skills we acquire to manage our everyday life in a more constructive way.

Clients ask me the same question “Why do I find it so hard to stick to a weight loss program?” The only answer to this question is “Have you got a big enough “why”?” To succeed at anything in life, we need a big enough “why”, or desire to be able to truly succeed at anything. All success in life begins with desire.

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