Which Means You Should Give Up Those Entirely

There are only two good (or 1 half decent, and one good) stab weapons I can think of: the zamorakian spear and the disorderly rapier. Though, I’m too poor to get the levels for super antifires, also I do not have enough RuneScape gold time to receive a busy weapon, so I can’t test it myself. So, my question is, are traumatic weapons really THAT much better than any other firearms? Even much so that it’d be better to give up 20+ slash attack for a Z spear when battling dragons? I would enjoy it if you have compared slash/stab weapons , because this has been bugging me for quite some time.

Alright. . Here’s the story. I got bored! Big surprise. I’d like to begin a (F2P) Skiller, however I don’t know where to begin… Here are my concerns… A lot of them (or all of them I’m unsure yet cause I’ve to sort and think them through) are opinion based, so please tell me I should do it.

1m? 2m? 10m? I already have methods of getting this cash in a brief quantity of time (even with low stats ( ^) so I do not need answers about the best way best to create money. But, you can if you would like. I know virtually every trick in the book now. Question Marks are I’d rather do , because of how slow it is or that Buy old school runescape gold I require other skills before I get it done. Should I train my prayer? I know. . THEN YOU’RE NOT A SKILLER!


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