Which I Simply Don’T Find Plausible

The First Fight: Andre has turned into a fantastic clan member with RS gold a post count of 300 and was creating discussion and trying to go to as many events as he could, 1 day gtasa3610 stated their was a brand new mod place (and from this time cheese was a mod too ) up for grabs gaia Andres second best second greatest buddy in the clan and Andre plus a couple of other folks went to take the mod up position Andre stated this as his rezones for a mod: Well I have been in the clan when its been down and up and that I was in avenging spirits and that I also am on when others aren’t so I can shield the fourms when other mods aren’t on. I also feel that I would make a great mod because I have been here a lengthy time and could be reliable:

To Andre’s sadness he wasn’t created a mod and was saddened if a fellow clan member got the situation: Bulbylover. When I say this I need not to hurt bulbys feelings but I do not think he made a fantastic mod being on barely (from what I could see). Andre then had a notion. Could his or her two mods so he made a thread and posted about his idea everyone had their opinion on the matter some said no and a few said yes since andre were with them a very long time and deserved the mod place however gtasa stated no and andre contended his purpose gtasa. Andre never said any rude words to him at the fight gtasa subsequently kicked andre. Andre went to gaia were he said to go say sorry to gta and didn’t want to he wanted gta to say sorry to him making the thred locked and having left a fight blaming it on him but andre said sorry anyhow so he could speak to his friends nevertheless.

The Second Fight: A month or two later gtasa made a fourm for mods and event manages only andre desired to see that Old school runescape buy gold fourm so much. A couple of weeks ago and Andre discovered that gtasa was locking item like hell for 1 person saying something not about the thread after. Gta secured off it topic posts (even though their was only 1) andre then went and asked (not blamed argued or anything els) another member what they believed about this contracting business folks said it had been gta’s fourm and he would do exactly what he wants therefore Andre gave but then gta came and explained why do you do so Andre and began on about the first fight Andre said stop it and not to bring that up again yet again another struggle began by gta


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