Any info if the next gen trailer is going to be released?That’s fine. I wasn’t thinking about buying this year anyways.The current playoffs are just starting.All roads lead to me not buying NBA 2K21 MT. Adjust the Kobe face scan to the love of god 2k. I can not believe I’ve already had this game for nearly a year guy am I crowds social distancing not purchasing 2k21. When I heard that the next gen version of the game will be different than the current gen I made the decision to await the next gen game and play with 2k20 until afterward. This tells me that the current gen version of 2k21 will be 2k20 (or even 2k19) because there’s no way they’d work on two games simultaneously.

I am not even anticipating next gen to be that far better tbh.This was the exact same complaint that this sub had when it moved from PS3/360 to present gen. Do not understand what people were expecting up to graphics go.It’s a useless complaint if you morons will just buy it anyhow me included but I do not hate the game like most of the men and women within this sub do.I made the same motto in my movie lol.Yall keep whining about how its exactly the same, but just how much further can they go on current gen? The hardware is old and outdated. Just wait for

I don’t buy new 2ks till their 15 dollars used so I’m cool with it if we get a draft class.Y’all are actually thinking it was gonna be something? They are out of code and working on following gen. Everybody knew this game are just like 2k20. That is 2k21? 2k out here scamming us every year.I do not know exactly what you would like them to do with all the visuals? Basketball hasn’t changed a whole lot.

Have you seen the trailer

Everything is same? They were both the exact same game on the gen but gen 14 was completely different then the two of these despite a couple things.

Yep, I did not make that error when Buy NBA 2K21 MT (I think it was) came out, didn’t buy it on PS3 cos I’d just be receiving 2K14 on PS4.2k is shit tier producer.To be clear: Visual Concepts Studio. They banged WWE2k do departure and wouldnt it be to get the major popularity of NBA and the disastrous NBA Live, they would ve done exactly the exact same to NBA2k.WE 2K only got fucked since Yukes left at the center of this year.It’s the best bball sim ever made. What more do you want?

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