Where To Buy A Dab Pen Cartridge

If your new to dabbing, then you’re probably wondering where you can pick up a new dab pen cartridge for your pen. Thanks to the growing Canadian cannabis market, there are many places where you can find dab pen cartridge refills. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to finding a dab pen cartridge replacement, and things to keep in mind when ordering Cannabis products online.

What is a dab pen cartridge?

A dab pen cartridge is an essential item to your dabbing kit. It is the chamber that holds the THC oil for your dab pen. Many dab pens initially come with a cartridge when you first order them. However, once that cartridge has ran out, you will need to find somewhere for the right refill.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for dab pen accessories

It’s important you check that the dab pen your using will fit the cartridge that you’re thinking of ordering. Check to see the brand and size of your dab pen, and take a look at your old cartridge for sizing details. Manufacturers will sometimes label their sizes directly on the cartridge, that way you know exactly which one to order for next time.

Look for a dab pen kit online

It is much easier to get refills for your dab pen if you find a dispensary that already offers a dab pen kit. Typically, these dispensaries will also have refills available on their site that match up with the kit, making it convenient for you to knowingly purchase the correct size of cartridge for your pen.

Where to find dab pen cartridges online

One place to get a great deal on high quality dab pens and dab pen accessories is Dr Good Dabs. They specialize in dab pens, dab pen refills, and other dabbing accessories, making them the perfect place to purchase everything you need.

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