• Extra-small = Dogs sized 5-10 lbs
  • Small = Dogs sized 11-20 lbs
  • Medium = Dogs sized 21-30 lbs
  • Large = Dogs sized 31-45 lbs

If you’re dog is like mine, they’re a big fat party animal. And by big fat party animal, I mean an overweight chubby dog that likes to go eat rabbit turds in the yard, come back inside and puke them back up after being all hopped-up on those bunny butt-nuggets. Well, now you can make your dog an actual party animal, by getting him one of these amazing dog Hawaiian shirts.

The best part? They make matching Hawaiian shirts for both you and your dog, this way, you can and your pooch can look extra awesome and extra coordinated while you party on into the night. Though, the human version of the Hawaiian shirt is sold separately.

The dog party animal shirt is collared (no pun intended) to look seemingly official, is mostly blue in color, though features other colors such as brown, red, and green. The dog Hawaiian shirt comes in 4 different sizes depending on the weight of your dog. See the sizing chart below.

Source: https://odditymall.com/hawaiian-dog-shirts

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