What is TweetAdder? And Why Do You Need It?

TweetAdder then allows you Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review to follow these people…but more than that , it automatically ‘signs you up’ as a follower. You don’t have to do it manually, as in other programs, which can be very time consuming.

It automates your welcome messages, allowing you to rotate welcome messages, and direct messages.Most significantly, it allows you to automate your tweets to your followers, even scheduling those tweets for a specific time. Think of it: you can assemble a list of , say 20 ‘tweets’, feed them into the tweet file, click the mouse, and those messages go out at various times over the next couple of days. Great if you’re on vacation, or away for the weekend. This feature alone allows you to update other files, compose articles, or, my favorite, take a nap!

Building an excess of unfollows? TweetAdder allows you to automatically ‘unfollow’ those who have not ‘followed’ you back.. You can set this up for 1 day (the minimum) or longer. I like to keep it at 2 days. That’s enough time for anyone to decide whether to follow me or not. If they haven’t followed me by then, they probably never will.


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