What are the symptoms of a high-risk pregnancy?

Nowadays, among the three women, one faces high-risk pregnancy because of this new lifestyle, food, air pollution, and many more. In a high-risk pregnancy, the mother and unborn baby both are in a danger zone and sometimes the doctor saves either mother’s or baby’s life. To avoid this situation you should consult with a high-risk specialist.

When you know that you are pregnant so don’t be late and consult your doctor about the possibility of a high-risk pregnancy. You should openly discuss any pre-existing medical problem so the doctor can help you to manage or avoid a high-risk pregnancy. If you are pregnant but do not consult with the doctor yet, don’t worry but if you see some symptoms then you have to visit any pregnancy doctor. In this article, you are going to know about some signs and symptoms of a high-risk pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy

Symptoms of high-risk pregnancy

  • You feel the sign of pre-eclampsia like sudden swelling of your hands, face, or feet, and also you face vision problem such as blurring, dimness, a severe headache
  • If you feel that you have unbearable pain in your belly or pelvis
  • Your baby is moving less or not moving to compare to a normal baby
  • Persistence pelvic pressure or back pain
  • Lose consciousness- in this situation you need to immediate care
  • Fluid leaking from your vagina- it could be because the umbilical cord is bulging into the vagina. You should call your family member or friend for help

How high-risk pregnancy specialists help you 

Many women face high-risk pregnancy but still, they do not visit high-risk pregnancy specialists. They think that normal doctors also handle this case. But no my dear friend specialist has better knowledge and they know better how to avoid high-risk pregnancy. During treatment, they perform a number of tests. If you have a high risk pregnancy and you visit any specialist then you take better care to compare to a normal doctor. Here you will read some of the benefits of selecting a specialist.

Well qualified– if we talk about qualification then specialist completed their graduation and have well trained. They completed her training in front of well-trained doctors. They work with a well-experienced doctor’s team that helps her to provide the best treatment.

High success rate– the best surgeon has a high rating and good reviews you can see on the internet easily. They also provide better pre and posts care and they are all patient satisfaction with their treatment.

Good skills– when you select the best surgeon then you feel comfortable with them and share everything. They know very well how to manage their patient.

Know about pregnancy specialist Dr. Sheetal Agarwal 

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal is one of the well known and popular high-risk specialists in Delhi. She provides the best pre and posts care of delivery. When you select her then you ensure that you and your baby live in a safe hand. She has over 21 years of experience in the same profession and she has worked in many hospitals as a senior consultant. Currently, she is working in Apollo and sama hospital Delhi and provides her best services. Sometimes normal pregnancy also becomes a high-risk pregnancy, this is the biggest reason you need to visit a pregnancy doctor every time. She provides you a diet chart before delivery and also suggests some exercise. However, you don’t need to do heavy weight lifting and running because in pregnancy you need to take care of your health and heavy weight lifting harms your health.

Select the best high-risk pregnancy doctor and save your and baby’s life as well. 

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