If you have read the recent official poll blog, you must know that there is a proposed novice quest called A Porcine of Interest. You could cast your vote in the poll until Aug. 27th.

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Details of OSRS A Porcine of Interest poll

A Porcine of Interest poll is live from August 21st to August 27th, 2020. During this period, players can head to the nearest poll booth or use the Community tab in the Account Management side panel to cast their vote.
Here are the questions in this poll:
1. Would you like a new novice-level quest called “A Porcine of Interest” to be added to the game, along with a new Slayer monster?
2. Would you like Turael’s daughter, Spria, added to Draynor Village to act as a Slayer Master for new and low-levelled players?

What is OSRS A Porcine of Interest?

According to the recent A Porcine of Interest poll blog, A Porcine of Interest is a new novice quest to make Slayer as accessible as possible, demonstrate the value of the skill for new players, and add some fun and exciting gameplay for Old School newbies. As A Porcine of Interest is a novice quest, there are no requirements to do this quest.
In addition to the A Porcine of Interest quest, there is also a new Slayer monster called the Porcine Pest. The piggy monster can be found in a cave-like lair in the Misthalin region.

Do you want new OSRS A Porcine of Interest quest?

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