Viaradaxx and not only that I had to endure comments about my body’s imperfections I remember this one time and I was so excited I’d bought a new pair of panties and I wanted to show him and I’d always kind of struggled with my weight and I was feeling really confident I held him up and he just looked at me and he said well you know you’re never gonna look like one of those supermodels right I was I didn’t know what to say all I knew was that not only was I too sexual I wasn’t good enough so the end of my marriage was a chance to reclaim me and my femininity and my sexuality and it’s why I did not hesitate to invite Frances up to my apartment that evening and while we went on to see each other for a little bit he and I weren’t meant to be in this story really isn’t about him it’s about what he helped me discover that night and the path that led me towards so I decided well anything that he can do I can do better [Applause] so like you do when you want to learn something new you consult the googles and what I

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