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The security sector is continuously growing for the past few decades. Security services are essential for your residential and workplace security. These services provide your personal protection as well as ensure that your place or valuable possessions are safe. Many security companies provide these services according to your requirements. However, these security services are quite diverse in nature. Whether you are planning to start a security business or planning to hire armed security  Los Angeles you need to know about all those different niches.

Types of security services

Some of the important forms of security services are

1- Static guarding

One of the most important services security companies provide is static guarding. In this, a static security person guards your residential or business premises. Besides the premises, the security guard is also responsible for the protection of your staff and property. Moreover, they can effectively manage any conflict as well as they are responsible for vigilant surveillance. Further, these persons are trained enough to undertake other duties such as gate control and reception duties. Static guarding is also an economic and flexible solution for your security needs.

2- Executive protection

Executive or close protection includes the security services for high profile executives including the CEO, manager, directors, and other people from public damages. Executive protection combats public threats and damages and allows these people to work efficiently. These executive security persons must be trained, possess good communication and driving skills as well they should have digital literacy. Such people should be vigilant and should be aware of handling weapons.

3- Event security

In event security, security personnel manages your events. These events could be private gatherings to huge fat weddings. Event security deals with the different aspects of security. For instance, these persons ensure that only relevant persons can enter the premises by screening people at the entrance. Besides this, they can easily manage the crowd keeping them sorted. Thus, they can ensure the safe progression of the event. Along with these, they can easily handle any type of conflict among the crowd.

4- Mobile patrol

This is the regular patrolling service of your business or home premises. Mobile patrol moves around your place 24/7. These professional security agencies provide mobile patrol service so you can become aware of any potential danger or any suspicious activity.

5- Investigation services

These security services can solve complex security issues like murder mysteries and other high-profile cases.

6- Residential security

Private security companies provide services of looking-after a housing property. These guards ensure that not only properties are safe from a robbery but also people living there feel secure and protected.

armed security Los Angeles

Unarmed and armed guard services

Security services provide both armed and unarmed security guard services. Both these guard services are provided by expert individuals. Armed individuals are better than unarmed personnel due to the following reasons:

1- Better training

Both guards receive essential training for handling security-related issues. They pass all the standard testing procedures and then qualify to perform their services. However, armed security persons receive additional training for using weapons.

2- Background checks

All security guards receive necessary background checks before employment. Since armed guards need to carry licenses for the weapons, they carry so they go through deeper background checks. So, they go through a company background check as well as through fingerprinting and investigation by government agencies.

3- Effective warning

Security presence keeps the criminal’s away as they view such places as not so easy targets. So, armed guards are an effective deterrent from a criminal perspective.


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