Type 2 diabetics have damaged Phytage Labs Gluco Type 2 Reviewcell membranes that interfere with the transport of glucose from the blood stream into the cell for nourishment. A normal healthy cell membrane has lots of omega-3 fatty acids as a major part of its structure.

If you have lots of trans fats and not enough omega-3 in your diet, the trans fats will replace some of the omega-3’s. This spells trouble for glucose metabolism and once it gets worse enough you will develop diabetes.

Unfortunately, most Americans get way more than they realize and even a small amount isn’t good. Moreover, the modern American diet doesn’t get anywhere near enough omega-3 fatty acids. The modern American diet is a recipe for a diabetes epidemic which is exactly what we are seeing.https://binarytradingfactory.com/phytage-labs-gluco-type-2-review/

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