Tricks to Organize a Sustainable Wedding

A lot of things are exciting in life as much as a wedding day. In addition to organizing a wedding, the most incredible part is to make it sustainable too. Can you ever imagine it? The advantage are evident in it, not only saves energy but also good in financial terms which enables the couple to invest in things that matter and contribute to the growth of the economy.

Are you worried that a sustainable and luxury weddings Italy may not allow you to do all the things that you want and always dreamt of? Leave it! Because it is possible with a truly amazing party to save energy and informing about the cheapest hours of daylight are some things out of them.

Sustainability with electricity

During a wedding, electricity is the most widely used energy, no doubt at all. This leaves a negative impact on the atmosphere and if one is not careful with it, and then it can also cause electricity expenses too high. So, in this way, you need to be aware of consumption.

But how to make it sustainable?

It is very simple with the help of a time discrimination contract. Here, we are talking about the hourly discrimination at the times when the price of electricity is lowest and that is at night. In this way, if you organize a wedding during day time, then you are more likely to take advantage of the natural sunlight with no waste of electricity. However, if you carry out the wedding at night time, then it would be no other choice left than turn on the lights and you pay less for it.

Suggestions to organize an exceptional and sustainable wedding at the same time

A sustainable wedding is the one that is nothing more than saving energy and reduce additional expenses by saving power bills. At first, it seems daunting but it is super simple to accomplish. Do not believe this? We have some suggestions for you that will get it to the top.

•    If you organize the traditional Italian wedding during the daytime, then the best ally is to opt for open spaces to save power energy costs.

•    If you want to carry out the wedding during night times, then do not forget to use low-consumption bulbs to lighten the place and combine it with candles to save some energy bills.

•    Sustainability can be done through food and drinks at any event. In this way, it is more sustainable to tie-up with the local suppliers and fresh as well as seasonal items.

•    Pick up the natural and recycled materials for decorations and invitations.


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