• .release Date 2019
  • Duration 209Minutes
  • Directed by Martin Scorsese
  • genre Crime
  • Star Robert De Niro

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No spoilers here. It was great to see the crew back in another movie. I missed Joe Pesci and boy did he not age well. movie was great; however, it was about 30 minutes too long. Cut off the last 30 minutes and it would have been an 8 or 9.
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A lot of people are saying on here to review the movie and not the director, but how could you possibly not review the director?
If you like to see Robert De Niro De aged with c g i, with a storyline that drags on and on, then please watch the Irishman. I cannot believe how long this movie was, and that I somehow managed to stay awake throughout all of it. It is almost like walking through chest-high water with no end in sight, and your lungs are on fire.
Like most people who watched the Irishman, I was expecting so much more. And I even put aside the fact that we’re dealing with a Martin Scorsese who is much older, but seemingly not even the same person in this film. The direction is there, that let you know that this is Martin Scorsese behind the camera, but the script and the acting? Nah.
I honestly don’t get it. Scorsese put on a movie like silence, which was incredible. It was so beautifully shot, the story was just beyond amazing and it was honestly one of the first Scorsese movies to actually make me cry, and then we get this crap?
I feel like Martin Scorsese has given into the people that he so desperately fought against when he was a fledgling director with such hits as Taxi Driver, bring out your dad, Raging Bull and so many more. He’s giving into the hate that he got for making silence, and is now a shadow of who he once was, a strong independent director who didn’t give a crap what’s the average consumer wanted he was just making art. Not anymore. He totally wussed out of directing Joker, because he’s afraid of the controversy and then ended up making a movie that was so incredibly boring, stupid, long and drawn-out that I could have washed paint dry and it would have been more entertaining this garbage.
Shame on you Martin Scorsese and get it together. Unless you want to become like Steven Spielberg pumping out done pile after done pile until you are drowned in it.

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