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AVG antivirus is a famous security program with a good number of downloads. AVG antivirus provides freeware for PCs and phone devices. The freeware of AVG antivirus has all the basic security features like scan, RAM booster, disk cleaner, etc. If you want more advanced features for AVG antivirus then you can go for the premium plans of AVG antivirus. If you want to upgrade your AVG plan then you can cancel AVG subscription of the existing plan and then get a new AVG plan easily.

AVG malware scan

AVG antivirus provides a powerful malware scan where it removes all the malware like viruses, spyware, bots, ransomware, adware, and other threats from your system. Whenever your device shows any suspicious symptoms; run the full system scan with AVG antivirus and it will remove all the malicious threats from the PC. It also provides scheduled scans where AVG will scan your device automatically. Whenever you access any file; AVG scans the file immediately before loading it. If the file shows any suspicious behavior then AVG will not load the file. AVG also has an AI detection feature where it can also protect the device from new threats. 

Network Protection

AVG has various network protection tools to secure your network from hackers and other malicious URLs. The link scanner tool of AVG antivirus prevents all the dangerous websites by scanning all the links. If it detects any suspicious link then it immediately blocks the network from accessing it. AVG web shield checks all the files you are downloading. If the downloading file has any suspicious content then AVG will not allow it to download the file. The email shield checks all the incoming files. It sends all the emails with suspicious attachments in the spam folder. The Wi-Fi guard of AVG antivirus checks the Wi-Fi connection and tells you whether the Wi-Fi connection is safe or not. The toolbar remover feature removes all the dangerous browser toolbars and extensions.

Smart Firewall

AVG antivirus offers a smart firewall which checks your network actively. The smart firewall of AVG antivirus monitors your incoming data packets. If the packet has any malicious content then the firewall will block the network and keep it secure from the threats. It also takes care of the outgoing data and ensures the user that no data is traveling outside the device without your concern. 

AVG password protection

AVG has a password manager tool that keeps the password secure. It ensures that no application is accessing your password. It prevents all the apps from reading, deleting, or making any changes. 

AVG Ransomware Protection

AVG offers a ransomware protection tool that provides an extra layer of protection on personal files and photos. It ensures that no ransomware can steal and encrypt your data. 

Webcam Protection

AVG antivirus has a webcam protection feature that keeps your webcam secured from remote access. Cybercriminals can hack the webcam remotely and monitor all the activities of his target. AVG webcam protection tool blocks all the remote access for the webcam to ensure that no one can access your PC webcam remotely.

Data Shredder

The data shredder tool of AVG antivirus deletes your file securely and permanently. After deleting the files from the device; the data shredder fills the gibberish to make sure that no one can get your data. 

Fake Website Shield

AVG has a fake website shield that prevents you from the fake website. When you click on the website; you may get redirected to a fake website. But Avg My Account fake website shield will immediately redirect you to the real website.

AVG antivirus also provides various smart protection tools for mobile devices. It has app protection, anti-theft, data cleanup, RAM booster, etc tools for keeping the device safe and secure.

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