Tips To Website Design For Law Firms

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In today’s world, website is an integral part of a business. It’s the place where people get the first insight into a company. A law firm is no different. Increasing competition in the legal profession has put immense pressure on law firms to project themselves as being different from others. Your website gives the first impression about your law firm and, therefore, it is very important that your website is aesthetically designed to create a lasting impression on the visitors. There are thousands of law firm websites and if your website doesn’t stand out from the crowd then the very purpose of its existence would be defeated. You should hire an experienced law firm website design company to design a uniquely interesting website for your firm so that visitors are intrigued to spend more time at the site and explore more about your law firm.

Listed below are some tips to design a law firm website.

Keep the Design Simple and Unique

Your website is a reflection of your brand. It portrays the values and ethics that your firm stands for. A visitor forms his/her first impression about your firm on having a look at your site. If your site has a standard look that hundreds of other sites have, it’s very unlikely that a visitor will remember it. Take into account the impression you want to create among your potential clients and convey the message in as simple a way as possible, yet being unique. Incorporate large Hero areas (large blocks) on the home page to simplify your message. Do not include too much content on the home page as only around one-fourth of the visitors read the text. A call to Action on the home page is an important element that draws visitors to explore further. Try to keep the design and navigation consistent all through. Unrelated layouts and designs on different pages may create confusion among the visitors.

Highlight the Services You Offer and Attorney Profiles

Your law firm provides legal services to your clients and that’s what you’re trying to sell through your website, so showcase the services that you offer on your homepage. When a potential client searches the web for information on law firms, he/she wants information on a particular area of law and the experience and expertise of attorney dealing in those branches of law. So be specific in providing information on the services you offer and have simple and effective profile pages of your attorneys. Use testimonials to effectively communicate with your clients and create a positive image for your firm.

Website Load Time

The website load time is an important factor which determines the effectiveness of a website. In today’s hyper fast world people want quick results. If a site doesn’t load quickly, they simply move on to another site. So make sure that you have the hardware to support your website design so that it doesn’t take too long to load. Choose a good host that is reliable and quick and try to keep your design as simple as possible; don’t make it graphically too intense.

Organize Your Site

A properly organized site gives a better user experience and is also preferred by search engines. A prospective client who visits your site looks for specific information. They don’t really read the entire text, but rather flip through the pages reading only the headlines and some small portions that seem relevant. A correctly structured site that provides information in a well organized and methodical way is more likely to create an impact than those which are chaotic and confusing.

A prospective client initially intends to find out if your firm deals in certain type of cases, so it is paramount that your home page has answers to these queries. Any professional law firm website design company will be able to better organize and structure your website.   


Content is very important in determining how effective and successful a website is. Search engines rank websites based on the quality of content besides other parameters. The more high quality and relevant content your site has, the better it is. Poor content on your site may induce visitors to quickly leave your site. Pay special attention to headlines as an attractive headline may encourage visitors to read on. Also, keep updating the content regularly as outdated content can dissuade a visitor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization helps a website rank higher in search engine result pages. Law firms generally operate in a particular geographical area, so with the use of right keywords and other SEO tools a law firm website can considerably increase its visibility in local searches. Better visibility would mean more clientele. However, SEO is a highly specialised field and law firms would need the help of internet marketing agency for attorneys for their SEO requirements. 

Responsive Website

A responsive website is the need of the hour for any business. More and more people are accessing internet from mobile devices, it is, therefore, crucial that your website should be responsive to adapt to any device and any screen size.


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