Tips for Everyday Makeup at the Office

Your makeup should make youGaias Protocol Review feel both confident and comfortable. These two go hand in hand as you can’t be confident when you’re worrying over something about the makeup you’re wearing.

As mentioned in the tips above, your makeup needs to last long so the first step to achieving this is to find a good base. Make sure that what you have are neither too pasty nor too thick. Dewy skin is nice and all but be careful because it has the tendency to get shiny. The best option is Matte. Dust your face with powder too to matte down and have some blotting papers for retouches.

When it comes to eye color, the golden rule to keep in mind is to keep it subtle. This means this isn’t exactly the right time to experiment with blending colors. An example would be apply a light taupe on your lids with bronze on the crease or you can pair it with gray too. Go for subtle highlighting and for eyeliner, you can apply it on the outer third of your eye but keep it in gray and brown hues. Black is quite strong.

When it comes to your mascara, get one that also lasts long. For eyebrows, keep them neat. Refrain from plucking too much because you can do many things with strong brows.


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