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Think a better rumorow

There are 3 assertion am going to make then i would connect them.
Life is a bed of roses but not without thorns. Though we must look up to the rose of life so we are internally empowered to overcome the thorns.
Life Is a school with unending lessons where we learn through every experience and every person we associate with,even those experience we may sometimes ask ‘ why me’. Lastly
The greatest power we have as humans is the power of ‘thought’ hence we can project-create and be happy with a new life we create.
Thought is the greatest force in creation, look around you,everything you see was once a thought in someones mind. Thought is a product of knowledge(we think according to our knowledge,levels of understanding and aspiration). No knowledge is a waste in life, the knowledge we gain from the experience of life, then,forms the crucible from which we build and or usher in new phase in life,this is so because each lesson learnt in life inspires something new in us. Experiences equip us with knowledge from whence we get educated. This is the reason when someone is well travelled or has associated with great minds,he is respected because it is assumed he is educated to an extent. The word education comes froma word that means to ‘bring out’, to bring out what is within. Throughout life we try to blossom our best, we read,think,strategise,learn new things so as to improve and become better persons. History has shown us that sometimes our greatest principles of life are not got from books or well meaning advice or teachings we aare exposed rather we get our ennobling principles from the school of life is unending lessons,life teaches us things we cannot find any other place.
Blossoming our inner greatness is a vital process of our education.
Greatness is within you,you have what it takes to do what is best for your career so build and develope a greater ‘thought’ of brighter tumoro,
Your thought have the kernel of the Rose of life,within your thought is the key to a brighter life,career and every other thing hence you have the ultimate responsibility to see the Rose only,create the Rose only,ignore the thorns cos they are always there in one form or another.
Be strong always and let life be a bed of Roses for you.
The future belongs not to those who fold hands and watch rather it belongs to those who create and fashion their tumorow.
May the Rose of your aspiration create a better tumoro.

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