Creating a better green environment in lawn and garden area or exterior of the home or any premises will surely create a wonderful atmosphere and keep CO2 emission to some level. Plantation will be a better step to make the property look beautiful and invite birds to create a wonderful and pleasant chirpings.  It depends on your choice; you can get trees planted as per the space available. The Willow Hybrid will be an ideal tree – the fast shade tree. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the right type of trees from a reliable online plant nursery.

The Willow Hybrid – Keep Some Essential Points in Mind

Before getting the Willow Hybrid planted, it is better to keep some essential points in mind. It is important to carefully remove towel and leave in banded bundle in a bucket of 5-6” of water with wet-side down for 2-3 wks or 4-5 wks for bushes. Don’t forget to keep an indirect, partial-sun and well-ventilated area. It is important to pay attention to rooting, in case temperature level is not stable or it is too hot or cold outside. If temperature is too hot or cold, it is better to keep indoors by a window. Maintaining air circulation will be better through fans in case of hot and humid environment. In case of moss develops, it is better to spray with hydrogen peroxide and increase the circulation.

Follow Steps Carefully for Better Care and Proper Plantation of The Willow Hybrid

Before planting the Willow Hybrid, it is vital to carefully remove the starts from the bundle and separate not to damage the roots. The process of planting need to be carefully followed with digging a hole large than roots and deep enough to cover the root line.

Do not forget to back fill carefully with fertile, tilled, garden soil so as not to damage. For the first year, you need to keep start heavily through consistently watered. You should also keep in mind that drip lines work great. Only plant when ground temperature is around 40 degree consistently and done freezing. If its late fall, winter or early spring, you can plant in buckets indoor until done freezing. If its late fall, winter or early spring, you can plant in buckets indoors until done freezing. Don’t forget to avoid planting, if it has had round up or weed killer previously.

For the Willow Hybrid, what all you have to do is search for the top online plant nursery and get the right solutions. You will also get different types of fast shade trees. So, what you are looking for, make a contact and to the right online plant nursery and start growing trees in better way.

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