The Formula to Create Best Online Addicting Games

When was the last time you got addicted to online addicting games that you saw your friends play? We are sure it must have happened recently. The surge in popularity of online games in the last few years has been unprecedented.

From heavy-duty online games like Call of Duty and Fortnite, to easy-going titles like Among Us and marbles online games, everyone wants a slice of the pie. 

The craze for games online has spread from console mongers to casual every-day people now. Moreover, the horizons are no more limited to just action titles. Puzzles, mazes and fantasy adventure are some other extremely popular genres that are steadily rising the ranks. 

But what makes all these games so addictive?


No, dopamine is not the name of a fancy new game or a console. It is the hormone that is released by our bodies when we play video games online. When we find a game to be exhilarating, our body produces more dopamine, hence making us feel better and get addicted to the game.

High Score!

Who does not like to win? The world of online gaming can be very competitive where players vying for the top spot or the highest score often end up getting addicted. The purpose of a scoreboard is to get you to be on it and keep you engrossed for hours. 

Game Design

They say you feast with your eyes first. This also holds true for the online gaming industry. A great game design is enough to get you and your eyes addicted to a particular game. It is the first point of contact between the gamer and the game. 


Most games are like movies. The excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen next or what lies on the next level keeps you motivated to play more. Unpredictability is a key feature to keep the audience hooked for more and lays the foundation of an addicting online game.

Positive Rewards

The kid in us never dies and the human mind needs just the right set of motivation to get addicted. We play fun games online to have a good time. The more time we invest in a game, the more rewards are bestowed upon us. This could be in the form of limited-time drops, new levels unlocked, new items in inventory or just a simple level up. Positive rewards can also be in the form of animations and sound effects. A pleasant tune greets your ears when you advance to the next level.

Addictive gaming is a great mood booster, but can also be a double-edged sword. One needs to keep this addiction in control to get the best out of the experience.

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