The Benefits of a Reusable Washable Cotton Black Facemask

With the global pandemic taking a toll on our health systems, its important to ensure you’re equipped with a reusable washable cotton black facemask. Why is a facemask important? It will help you protect not only yourself, but also community members currently at risk.

Why a cotton facemask?

Its simple, this material will help you prevent breakouts and rashes from happening. Cotton helps your face breathe. Rather than suffocating your skin with a thick fabric or cheap material, choose cotton to let it get some air! You will thank yourself after hours of wearing it.

Besides cotton being beneficial for your skin, it also makes it easy to wash time and time again. A washable facemask ensures you are always equipped with clean and sanitized protection for your face. That way, you can tackle the grocery store, transit station, or office meetings with the best means of security.

Where to buy a reusable facemask?

By purchasing a reusable facemask, you can help stop the unnecessary pollution that’s happening with disposable masks. When people grab the free masks from stores, those masks quickly become waste. They can easily be misplaced, fall out of pockets, and end up littering our streets. Choose to be environmentally friendly with a reusable facemask that can be washed and kept for years.

There are a few places you can grab some great quality cotton facemasks. One place that we recommend is Back Forty Urbanite. They have a fantastic black cotton facemask at an affordable price. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also helping give back to the local community. Back Forty Urbanite is a local urban living and outdoor adventure store online. Based in Vancouver, BC, they are focused on providing Canadians with a local option for all things adventure and home décor related. Check them out if you haven’t already and grab your facemask today!

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