The Acai Berry Scam – How to Avoid Getting Taken at All Costs

The Acai Berry is one of the hottest LumaSlim Reviewweight loss products on the internet right now. If you Google “weight loss” you are sure to get hit with one of the many online ads promising amazing weight loss for midlifers, within just a few short weeks.

Well, like many baby boomers, I’m overweight and have been struggling with diets for years. We all have high hopes for a magic miracle cure, and I got suckered in like so many others. With a savvy web site that mentions both Oprah and Rachel Ray in the copy, it was easy to think that these credible superstars had endorsed the product on the site.

I signed up for a 14-day trial product called AcaiPure. For only $1.95 for shipping they would send me a supply. If I wasn’t fully satisfied I could cancel at any time. If I did nothing, they would continue to ship a monthly supply and charge my credit card $39.95. (I was one of the lucky ones. Some sites charge $4.95 for shipping and charge upwards of $89 for a months supply!)


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