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I get the feeling that the old eo vets are just biding their time to the bigger ships to lock down low also. Strategic choke points for freight and what not. I’m not an eo EVE Echoes Items player, not salty in any respect. This is just what I came for.I have some Plex purchased and I am training skills to wait to find out how this shakes out.If you’re using apple you can get a refund according to this change to the match. Very best part is that the dont report to the devs and you can keep playing with with no -omega or plex.

Thank you for the heads up, just submitted a refund request.You nevertheless have 66 percent of the match open to you once bubbles come out. I don’t understand why you believe that 100% of this game is for 100% of those players.All you mentioned, all you want to do is and will be accessible in High Security space.The isk isn’t as good. However, if that is your concern, then you are requesting to become a part of a top bonus area without being willing to take the risk that comes with it.

Without bonuses to industry and reprocessing, it will not matter if you construct in Jita or a null channel. The only thing you are losing is isk/hour. Unless I am willing to accept the expense of an Omega, I am locked out of the region of the Buy EVE Echoes ISK game. If you are reluctant to cover the charge to take part, you do not get to play openly there.


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