It has been revealed that there may be a new fishing skill boss named Tempoross OSRS. Here you could learn the requirements, gamplay and potential rewards for this new boss.

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Requirements of Tempoross OSRS boss

Tempoross, the Spirit of the Sea, is a proposed medium intensity fishing skill boss. According to the recent Fishing Skill Boss Poll Blog, its competitive XP rates scale between level 35-70. If Tempoross OSRS boss is released, it will be a member-only boss for players with Level 35+ Fishing.

How to play with OSRS Tempoross?

There will be a new port in the estuary by Al Kharid Bank as the lobby area, which will provide a ferry to Tempoross. Tempoross’s health and energy will depend on the number of players facing it.
To quell the storm, catch special Harpoonfish and load them into the Harpoon Cannons. Whilst loaded, these will continuously fire Harpoonfish at Tempoross OSRS, breaking it up and reducing its energy. You must reduce Tempoross’ energy before the storm gets too intense. Once depleted, the boss will disperse into the whirlpool and begin gathering energy.

Proposed rewards for Tempoross OSRS

Here are the proposed rewards for the new Tempoross boss:
-Salvage Crates
Salvage Crates contain varying amounts fish depending on your Fishing level.
-Spirit Bait
Spirit Bait OSRS is an untradeable resource. It can improve the chance of catching extra fish for no XP when automatically consumed while fishing.
-Fish Barrel
The Fish Barrel is untradeable barrel which can store a total of 28 raw fish and multiple species simultaneously.
-Tackle Box
Tackle Box can store fishing equipment including rods, feathers, bait and the Angler’s outfit.
-Spirit Angler’s Outfit Style
OSRS Spirit Angler’s Outfit is an alternative style earned by combining an item earned from the Tempoross boss with pieces of the standard Angler’s outfit.
-Tome of Water and Damp Pages
Requiring level 50 Magic to equip, the Tome of Water OSRS is a new offhand magic item for water spells. When wielded, this wwill count as unlimited Water Runes and will increase accuracy of Standard Spellbook water, weakening and binding spells.

Hope you can get more information on OSRS Tempoross.

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