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With both franchises performing well, it is interesting to see them come together in one place with a few popular products, so if you’re a Persona enthusiast playing in PSO2 Meseta, be ready for the debut of a whole lot of Persona things coming into the match as of today.

The worlds of Persona and Phantasy Star Online 2 are colliding, as Sega is bringing together two of its beloved franchises for a celebratory collaboration. Starting from now, players can expect to find costumes, hairstyles, paint, accessories, room items, music, and more from Persona 3, 4, 5 at a crossover with Phantasy Star Online 2. These items will soon be featured in the most recent AC Scratch Ticket collection.

Today you can rep your favorite Persona characters in a completely new world. All You Have to do would be to draw an AC Scratch Ticket for the Persona Paradox. However, even that can be confusing. There are several types of Scratch Tickets based on the money used. Phantasy Star Online 2 players can use ARKS Cash, Star Gems, and FUN Points. “As a lover of the Persona series, I am super excited for the release of this collaboration in PSO2 Meseta for sale,” Nathan Nogueira, the North America’s branding director, said. “ARKS operatives are going to be able to dress up as members of S.E.E.S., the Investigation Team, along with the Phantom Thieves for first time in North America and we can not wait to see all of the screenshots they’ll share!”


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