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There are 2 kinds of guest posts on this blog, BHIT MAGAZINE REQUESTED GUEST POST and USER SUBMITTED GUEST POST


1 -Type your post and send to the respective addresses, do not send us mails indicating your interest to send in guest post,we will not respond to such mails.

2- Send your work as an attachment.

3- Write an “about author” in all guest post you submit, entries sent without an about author will not be attended to and we will not reply you to ask for an about author.

4 – We do not publish items about casino, gambling, porn and related services


1- BHIT MAGAZINE reserves the right to reject any post without explanation to the author.
2- We want original works,all posts for publication must not have been published elsewhere. If it is discovered even after publication that your article has been online prior to when we published it,it will be taken down.
3- Edit your articles properly,all badly written articles will be rejected.
4- Submit only works requested for the month during that month. i.e do not submit another topic within a period when we are receiving another topic. e.g if we are receiving article on leadership during a period,do not send in articles on business development. If you neglect this policy,then your works will not be published..
6 – Each article should not have more than 4 links in them.
7- Submit your works to

USER GENERATED GUEST POST( submit entries to

DESCRIPTION– These are guest post submitted by non members of this blog. All post in this category are published in less than 24hrs after payment for them is received.(But during this free period october 2020 to march 2022)works submitted for this category will be published once weekly.

ELIGIBILITY– All non registered members of this blog can submit guest post in this category.
1- you should first read our publishing policy so know what we allow and disallow.
2- If your post is within what is allowed on this blog,then send in your work to
3 If you want to make a donation,that will be great for us.

4- Make sure the name of the author of the work is the same with the name on the credit card with which you are donating,if they do not correspond,your article will not be published and your money refunded after the various charges by our payment gateway.
5 How to put your backlinks
Example, in the sentence below,the word “blog” will link to another website.

All fictional works will be published on our sister blog
put your linking blog in big bracket,like this

All fictional works will be published on our sister [blog(]

submit all entries to or 09079113412 (whatsapp and telegram. do not call this number)


These are specific topics which we will request for posts on. These topics will differ for the different months.
ELIGIBILITY: Anybody can send in posts of this type. Registered users on this blog can also send in entries.

All post to be published for any month should be submitted on or before 10th of that month. After we screen out those that do not meet our standard or posting policy, we publish the good ones on or before 30th of the month in view. all topics will be made known at least three months in advance to give you enough time to produce good works.