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RS3 seasonal events are a joke

They are the exact same structure over and over and revolve round a single item: XP (and crap cosmetics, and seeking to encourage people to purchase MTXs to increase what the xp they get out of this event) the whole point of seasonal events is only to bypass actually playing the RuneScape gold game and grinding and just getting xp from clicking on something. All of rs3 boils down to just xp. Ever rs3 participant’s goal is just to get as much xp, as many 99s or 200m xp’s as possible. It’s about as two-dimensional as a game could be, there’s nothing interesting or entertaining about it. Osrs really frequently adds content selected by players. I remember when the Arc came out on rs3, I was super excited about it until I discovered it was only a graphically impressive new area with more things to click on for xp. and uncharted isles was a disappointment.The Comments for Your RuneScape skilling Manager is abysmal

Tbh I believed all ascension bosses the game. Despite their slightly differed mechanisms, they still are just the ascension dungeon reskin supervisors. Same thing imo. Their mechanisms and rewards are mostly different. What are the different mechanisms? Every dino has distinct mechanisms – baits, movement, environment protection/detection along with other things. It gets more complicated with more dinos in the experience. Those aren’t mechanics. The miniature game is identical for every dinosaur. Avoid the massive circle, get the same resources for the trap and then bait it to kill the dinosaur. You use the specific same strategy and strategy for every dinosaur. A minor visual difference for the lure item is not a mechanic!

Absolutely not true if you don’t think the Daganoth Kings are not bosses and don’t have any mechanics. You also neglected to realize the movements, protection and range of all dinos are distinct, not only the baits. People aren’t in favor of this, yes, but they’re being largely constructive. A ton of people like the concept, but want a bit of a revamp. Skilling bosses are quite meh ngl, and I’m sure the majority of people probably would not do them on RS3, it is not like they are super popular on osrs from what I remember.

Wintertodt is also the very op method of training FM, and is extremely helpful for ironmen early on due to crates and such. That is why it’s so hot, zolcano and Hespori not too muchbetter. If they desired to achieve this in buy RuneScape gold is would have to have perks good enough for both early game and endgame gamers, or we’d just wind up with another Menaphos episode where gambling is essentially dead on arrival because lots of the player base is high-max level in RS3. Zolcano is locked behind a grandmaster pursuit so there’s that. Also hespori take like a complete day to develop and it is solo exactly what can you expect from that?


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