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Daily Quests aren’t only a way to collect some extra Meseta and EXP; they are an essential method of persistently fostering the amount of rare items, EXP and Meseta you can acquire by performing all the other types of quests, so knock these PSO2 Meseta out first. Make your first stop Daily Order Officer Fina. She’ll have 3 brand new quests for you each day, using a blue”boost” arrow next to them. Accomplishing these raises your”Daily Boost” pub (seen on the top right) around a MAX of 50%.

As soon as you’ve collected your dailies, jump over to the main Quest Counter on the correct and undertake the first”Recommended Quest” (under the”Main Quests” class ) that appears, since these are frequently linked to the everyday quests. Two birds, one stone as it had been. (And always select up customer orders in exactly the exact same area you’re questing!) Speaking of missions, always keep tabs on your own Weekly ones (Start, globe icon, ARKS Missions)! Most of these are a piece of cake to finish and can net you a ton of Meseta. Which is why you need to.

Phantasy Star Online 2 uses a shared stock system. This means you can send things to your character-specific storage box and a”Default” storage container that’s shared across all of your characters. This includes Meseta, the in-game currency. Wish to stockpile some money fast? Here is the way to do this more efficiently: As I alluded to before, you can earn easy money finishing your weekly missions. Whenever these are actions like”Collect X things,” you can pick up the related client order together with Pso2 meseta buy xbox one your primary personality, stockpile those things (therefore, if you’re requested to harvest three of a specific type of fish, you harvest nine of them), then send the extras into your default .


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