Starting A WordPress Blog the Easy Way

Starting a blog is very simple nowadays. With simple to use templates and website builders all around, you are sure to build a complete site in less than one hour. In addition, your blog can be a regular income generating platform for you.

This article will teach you how to build a wordpress blog; especially if you live in Nigeria.

Whether you like to share your everyday tips as a personal blog just like I do; or you want to use your blog to sell a products and services, WordPress themes are there for you.

Here’s my own story on how I started my first in Nigeria

Growing up, I had dreams of becoming a well known bologger, I always wondered how it’s like being an blogger and a Nigerian writer. I would sit down and just start writing, it was like a hubby to me and I enjoy doing it.

I wanted to share great ideas that i wrote to help solve peoples problem, I was told i needed an Online Journal to do so which was by far the cheapest.

Starting a Nigerian blog back then was way too difficult, you had to hire a Local website designer to build up one, but the down line is you had to pay a huge sum of money to get the work done.

You already know how costly things can get when you get a Nigerian Website designer to help you out; some of them will just be calling thousand-thousand naira for you. Forgetting that money is not easy to come by.

I guess you are probably in the same shoes like me back then.

Now I’m grown up with the help of friends and Nigerian top influences and personal research, I was able to build my first blog

When I tell my people how easy to earn money through blogging in Nigeria, Question I’m usually asked are “Can I start my own blog“, “How did you start blogging“ and so on.

Of course, you too can start your own blog today. Its not that difficult.

The question that caught my eyes most was “I want to start blogging in Nigeria with WordPress, how do I go about it“. Probably that’s a question you too would like to ask

This piece of post will guide you to set up your own blog site. It is simple go go through.

When it comes to starting a blog, Nigerian to be precise, there are many platforms (CMS) available to start your blog, in the likes of wordpress, blogger, Wix etc.

I prefer WordPress and that’s what I’m currently using.

The cool thing about WordPress blogs is you can make it whatsoever you want it to be.

Be it a personal blog or an E-commerce site that represents your physical store. You can build it up with word press.

I absolutely recommend you to start a WordPress blog, Its totally easy!

In this guide on how to start a blog in Nigeria, I promise to keep it simple and very easy to understand.

Here are the basic steps you need to start a blog.

  1. Choose a Host:
    The first step to starting your blog is to pick a host.

A Host is like a company that houses your blog online allows it to be seen by your readers.

  1. Choose a Domain Name for your blog:

You need a name for your blog. This will be your brand.

In a word, a domain name is the web address people type in to get to your blog.

It’s also what will set your brand apart from others. So, when someone thinks of your site’s name, it should represent your brand.

  1. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress template is very easy, you can do it by yourself. Just follow the instruction on the screen.

You can do this from your website hosting account.

With that said, all that is needed to do is to publish and promote your site through all the various online marketing tools.

I like search engine optimization techniques (SEO), that is my main marketing tool for online promotions.

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