Bank simulation is done by bank simulator, and it consists of three phases that are preparation, decision making, and review. In the simulation process, the development of the bank is managed, and the bank function could also be explored. The operations of the bank are simulated through a business model and are designed to raise key banking issues and to explore the essential bank operation.

Through this simulation process, you will be able to get the result to check and analyses the performance if anything further needs to improve. The objective and goal of the simulation process is the success of banking and financial services. Stimulation consists of three stages that are preparation, decision making, and review.

The preparation process involves individual responsibility, becoming familiar with the decision making, and considering objective and to make planes and organize them to measure and control. The bank simulator is for the simulation process. The merger of companies, customizable scenarios, Investment funds modules, etc. is the feature of the bank simulator. 

Feature of the simulator for the success of the banking business

  1. Support material

For the simulation process, the simulator requires support material like reference documents, and for this coordinator can also add his material. 

  1. Messages

Direct communication is possible between the coordinator and participants for the simulation by the simulator. 

  1. Charts

Through the help of corporate charts and macroeconomic, the users could analyze and visualize the results of managerial results. 

The merger of the companies is treated in a very simplified way in the simulation as the corporate exchange could be adjusted through the exchange of shares between the companies. 

Different level of complexity of the game is defined with the help of several variables which is drawn by the simulation coordinator. 

Bank simulator contains reports of financial, macroeconomics, operational, and market. These reports are essential as it is used as the basis of decision making. 

Banking simulators do the reproduction and the operation of the principal function of the bank. The main functional areas are portfolio management, human resource, account & finance management, and operational management products. As we have known, the stock values always vary as per the performance. The fictitious stock exchange value is influenced by the simulation coordinator. With the difference between the interest money to lend and to borrow money, the bank simulates generate profits.  

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