Serious Skincare Techniques For Reversing Sun Damage

One of the most common ingredients that can South Beach Skin Lab Review be found in antiperspirants and deodorants is aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most common elements found on earth and the most common metal. Since it is so abundant, we have found many uses for it in our daily lives, i.e. soda cans, aluminum foil, machinery, etc. The aluminum compound that is found in deodorants and antiperspirants is aluminum oxide, commonly used for coating and is also found in ruby and sapphire gemstones.

Although we have found many uses for aluminum today, there have been many studies conducted that have lead some scientist and doctors to conclude that aluminum is a toxin. It has been stated that there have been reported links between aluminum and Alzheimer’s diseases and cancer. It has also been concluded that high levels of exposure to aluminum can also cause some neurological and respiratory issues.We cannot escape exposure to aluminum wherever we go, because it is in our food, air, and water sources, which we all need to survive. Even though the exposure is unavoidable, many doctors advise to not add any extra exposure that is not necessary by avoiding any products that contain the additional aluminum.

Other than antiperspirants and deodorants, other products, such as aerosol sprays also contain aluminum. The aluminum from that type of spray is directly inhaled into the bloodstream through the nasal passages when you breathe. This direct contact between the aluminum and your bloodstream can cause many problems on the respiratory system and the brain.Aluminum accumulation within the body occurs in the brains. Toxin removal from the brain requires the most effective methods of detoxification before health can be restored.

The aluminum itself is not the only factor that leads to problems with antiperspirants and deodorants. It is also how the aluminum compound functions to reduce perspiration and odor. This aluminum compound is essentially an extremely strong astringent. Astringents cause the pores to close up, so the sweat cannot escape from them. This method can stop sweat altogether and stop smelly odors while it is applied.

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