Security screen doors have come a long way from the old “fly wire” screen doors with metal frames. The new ones are a different type of technology and they are also very much a new concept in design. These are ultra-tough, but they are also designed to look good. New technology has created extremely high resistance screens that can get a direct hit from a sledgehammer and provide the kind of protection you want and give your home the look you want it to be.

The essentials

There are many good reasons why security screen doors are so popular:

  • Design: Modern safety screens are very designer friendly. One of the reasons they replace the old style security is simply because they can go with all types of doors. These extremely fine mesh screens are not completely invisible, but they might as well be. They can hardly be felt once installed and do not affect the visual character of your home design.
  • Lighting: The new safety screens provide a lot of light and are very design-friendly, especially for the newer modern homes that have a lot of space for windows so they do not interfere with the natural lighting.
  • Versatility: Safety screens can be fitted in any design situation. These screens can be customized for any type of door, from the ultra-modern sliding screen on the latest new homes to the age-old look of woo or the “cottage” white steel.

The safety angle

If you have a security consultant checking your premises, you will find that if you ask for security, you will be asked to get security screens in front of the old “fort” doors. This is because the new ones are much more reliable in terms of preventing burglary. Conventionals can be large and solid, but they are simply not designed to handle the methods used in burglary, which may include attacking the frame, using heavy tools and jemmying apart components.

A modern security door is almost literally impossible to break down. The average can handle certain attempts to break in, and the doors themselves are designed to be indistinguishable from their frames. These are tested under Australian standard requirements and it is not easy to get a certification to match the Australian standards. These monitors must pass eight separate very demanding tests and they must be in good condition afterwards to comply with Australian standards in each test.

Budget problems

There is another side of this type of security that is often not considered. The price of a security door over time is actually much cheaper than a conventional one. These extremely tough players are built to last for decades, and if you have ever had to replace or repair a conventional one, you will remember the kind of cost involved. The security doors are excellent value in this regard because they are extremely low maintenance and largely immune to damage.

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