As RS Travelling Artisan event has been active now, Travelling Artisan patches can be obtained as the event currency. Read the details below to learn how to collect RS Travelling Artisan patches for new rewards.

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How to get RS Travelling Artisan patches?

Travelling Artisan patches are the currency used in RS Travelling Artisan event, which runs from August 24th to September 13th 2020. Travelling Artisan patches can be earned by doing various activities:
Non-combat skilling
Killing monsters
Daily challenges
Extended daily challenges
Completing Treasure Trails
Handing in artefacts
Completing Archaeology collections
In addition, you can also purchase the Travelling Artisan patches directly on the Event interface’s Shop tab by using RuneCoins or bonds.

How to use Travelling Artisan patches RS?

Travelling Artisan patches can be clicked to open the event’s interace. After obtaining Travelling Artisan patches, you can turn in them to Doran the tool artisan for some special rewards. During the Travelling Artisan event, you are able to craft various items by using the Travelling Artisan patches and other materials. The materials can be skipped if you use Travelling Artisan patches.
New rewards in Travelling Artisan event include some brand new cosmetics and items, such as a set of Dwarven Artisan tools for Fishing, Mining and Fletching, the Master Crafter Hammer for Smithing, the Chickaxe, and the Banana Knife.

Try to get more RS3 Travelling Artisan patches if you want the new rewards. 

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