Here comes RS Halloween 2020 for this spooktacular holiday! Until Nov. 8th, participate in RS Halloween event 2020 and complete four miniquests for rewards.

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RS Halloween 2020: Death miniquest

1. Speak to RS Death to start this miniquest. Get a polarising crystal.
2. Interact with the polarising crystal to reveal four locations in turn:
Barbarian village (a barbarian who died with “burial, fires and a trial”)
Northern part of the dwarven mines (a dwarf who is betrayed over trade)
Cabbage field north of Port Sarim (a cabbage fallen into boiling water)
Lumbridge swamp well (a fragment attacked by several people with bronze and iron weaponry)
3. At each location, you need to find fragmented souls and heal them by interacting with the crystal again.

500 RS spooky tokens
Death’s Hood cosmetic override
Fragmented souls in the courtyard of Draynor Manor, offering spooky tokens and Divination experience

RS Halloween 2020: Famine miniquest

1. Find Famine north-west of the water altar entrance.
2. Gather 120 potatoes and 120 rotten potatoes from 4 patches.
3. Hand potatoes in. Sit under a tree, and a ghost will ask you to find their 3 brothers around Draynor:
A ghost by the pig pen by Draynor Market
A ghost near the summoning obelisk south of the market
A ghost south of the wheat field next to the prison
4. Speak to all ghosts.
5. Speak to Famine. Create the anti-blight by the solution: Swirl. Mix. Swirl. Mix. Shake. Mix.
6. Speak to Famine again.

RS Halloween 2020: Pestilence miniquest

1. Find Pestilence west of Draynor lodestone.
2. Collect 5 cabbages, 5 onions, and 5 potatoes. Notice that cabbages from Draynor Manor cannot be used.
3. Head to the Lumbridge cemetery and speak to one of the ghosts. Talk to and select both options for each ghost. Here is the solution to the riddle:

JokesScaring humansGhost’s name

4. Head to Pestilence after completing the riddle. Gain 500 spooky tokens.

RS Halloween 2020: Death’s dogwalker miniquest

1. Speak to RS Death’s dogwalker in the north-eastern part of the Draynor Manor grounds.
2. Head to mansion and find five sets of Chewed Bones. Find three piles of bones on the ground floor, one pile on the 1st floor, and one pile on the 2nd floor.
3. Watch the cutscene after finding the fifth bone. Go outside through the kitchen and report back to the dogwalker.
4. Dig around the graveyard area for small doggy bones. Ice cold (5 tiles), Cold (3 tiles), Hot! (2 tiles), and So close! (1 tile away).
5. Get the bonus and return to the dogwalker.

Muncher pet (first time)
10 spooky tokens per bone, 20 spooky tokens per big bone

Hope our RS3 Halloween 2020 guide can help you complete this quest.

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