primal grow pro it but sometimes we get caught in

primal grow pro it but sometimes we get caught in these negative feedback loops where we are so stressed out we aspects a pill can’t solve your problems a pill might maybe chillax you a little bit to like really just get you to work towards solving your problems but you still need to solve the alternate problem that’s causing the problems anyway so this is to be taken and you know given the approval from a about this I’ve never seen like a very large like toxicity study on on this being too bad but really 1,200 milligrams a day two capsules a day is really where we kind of land and like that’s the pretty good dose for no one’s had a problem one study is we’re gonna talk about here though is using five grams of raw powder and that had actually a lot of fertility benefits I believe is the study I’m not really known I’m not gonna ever recommend taking that much KS I’m 66 because this is standardized now ashwagandha is also known as with Aeneas on the fara and so the KSM 66 is more but it is a full spectrum kind of blend but they are targeting 5% of the with analyze which are the main component the main constituent that is working on the anti-anxiety effect and the real mechanism of action that is hypothesized is that it kind of blocks the GABAergic signals which sometimes get amped up when you are getting a little bit stressed and so we talk about that later on in the

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