platinum ladies ring

These days you can easily find platinum ladies ring in the market. It is because the demand for it is increasing day by day. Those who enough budget prefers to get platinum rings instead of silver and white gold. Ladies love the rings made of platinum because they can wear it on a regular basis without worrying that it will get damaged. The strength of platinum is inexplainable. For more details about the platinum ring, keep reading the article.

Platinum is pure

If you are looking for the rings that are pure, then the platinum ring is for you. Also, platinum didn’t cause any allergic reaction. So, it is even suitable for those who, skins are sensitive or have some kind of allergies.
Those who don’t know what makes a is pure piece platinum; it means that the jewellery is 90 to 95% pure. If you will find a ring that is 90% less, it simply means the ring is made after mixing another metal.

The pure means that you are getting more than the amount you are paying, mainly opposite to gold that is only up to 75% pure. Even if the platinum is mixed with other metals, they all are pure. It is the reason the ring is hypoallergic. Also, it is the only thing that increases the price of the ring as compared to the gold rings. Because in Gold rings are mainly mixed with the metal like nickel.

Way to identify the pure platinum ring

There are many who don’t know the way to identify a pure platinum ring. It is quite simple, as o the ring you can see the mark. From the stamp, you can get an idea. The common platinum markings are platinum, plat and Pt by the level of purity, for example, Pt 900 or Pt950.

Platinum is very rare

Those who don’t know it may surprise them, but platinum is very rare, more than 30 times than gold. On a yearly basis, 88 tons of platinum is turned in platinum jewelry, but if you talk about gold, there is no comparison as its count is 2,700 tons.

Frequently asked question

There are many who have questions in mind related to platinum rings. You will learn about to get the answer to all the question right now.

Does platinum ring tarnish?

It is a question that is asked by many, and the reason behind it is that the ring itself is quite expensive, so people don’t want to spend a lot on its maintenance. For sure many will happy after the answer as the ring didn’t get tarnish.

As the time pass, the ring may develop rich finish known as Patina, but you don’t have to worry much. It is easy to remove it from metal. Also, you don’t have to re-shank or reinforce the platinum quite often as you have to do with other metals.

Does platinum ring get scratched?

All the metals get scratch when you wear them on a regular basis. But the quality of platinum is that it didn’t get scratched quite easily. Even if it happened, it merely displaces. But if we talk about gold or silver, you will lose it bit by bit after every scratch.

Platinum rings stay white

The platinum is naturally white metal. So, you don’t have to take the stress that after some time it will lose its colour. You just have to maintain is a bit, and you will see the ring stay by your side for a long time, or you can say forever.

Also, place any gemstone on it, it is will enhance its beauty a lot. Mainly diamond looks fantastic on the platinum ring.

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