OSRS Trailblazer League has been released with various tasks. Here is our OSRS Trailblazer tasks guide for general tasks (easy).

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General OSRS Trailblazer tasks (Easy)

1. Open the Leagues Menu
Open the Leagues Menu within the Journal Panel.
2. Complete the Leagues Tutorial
3. Achieve Your First Level Up
Level up any skills for the first time.
4. Achieve Your First Level 5
5. Achieve Your First Level 10
6. Achieve Your First Level 20
7. Reach Total Level 100
8. Reach Total Level 250
9. Reach Total Level 500
10. Reach Base Level 5
11. Reach Base Level 10
12. Reach Base Level 20
13. Pickpocket a Citizen
14. Open 28 Coin Pouches At Once
15. Steal a Chocolate Slice
Steal a chocolate slice from a bakery stall OSRS. The bakery stall can be found in Sophanem, Keldagrim Market and Ardougne Market.
16. Rake a Farming Patch
17. Plant Seeds in an Allotment Patch
18. Protect Your Crops
Pay a farmer to protect your crops.
19. Chop Some Logs
20. Chop Some Logs With a Steel Axe
Chop any logs by using a steel axe.
21. Obtain a Bird Nest
22. Cook a Shrimp
23. Burn Some Food
24. Successfully Cook 5 Pieces of Food
25. Mine some Copper Ore
26. Mine some Ore With a Steel Pickaxe
Mine any ore using a Steel Pickaxe OSRS. The Steel Pickaxe can be obtained from the Ogre coffin, Reward casket (easy) and others.
27. Obtain a Gem While Mining
28. Fletch Some Arrow Shafts
29. Fletch an Oak Shortbow
30. Fletch 150 Iron Arrows
31. Receive a Slayer Task
32. Equip a Spiny Helmet
Equip a Spiny Helmet, which can be purchased from any Slayer Master for 650 coins.
33. Earn Some Slayer Points
34. Check Your Slayer Task
Check your Slayer Task by using an Enchanted Gem.
35. Spin a Ball of Wool
Spin a Ball of Wool by using a Spinning Wheel.
36. Cut a Sapphire
37. Craft a Leather Body
38. Catch a Shrimp
39. Catch a Herring
Catch a Raw Herring whilst fishing. The Raw herring can be caught by using a fishing rod OSRS with fishing bait.
40. Catch an Anchovy
41. Smelt a Bronze Bar
42. Smelt an Iron Bar
43. Smith 150 Iron Arrowtips
44. Purchase a Player Owned House
45. Build a Room in Your Player Owned House
46. Turn a Log Into a Plank
Turn a Log into a Plank by using a Sawmill.
47. Visit the Rune Essence Mine
48. Craft Any Rune
Craft any rune by using a Runecrafting Altar.
49. Locate a Runecrafting Altar With a Talisman
Use any talisman OSRS to check the location of a Runecrafting Altar.
50. Burn Some Normal Logs
51. Burn Some Oak Logs
52. Light a Torch
53. Catch a Baby Impling
54. Snare a Bird
Catch a bird with a Bird Snare.
55. Obtain a Mark of Grace
Obtain a Mark of Grace from the Rooftop Agility Course.
56. Complete a Rooftop Agility Course
57. Clean a Grimy Guam
58. Make an Attack Potion
59. Drink a Strength Potion
60. Reach Combat Level 10
61. Reach Combat Level 25
62. Visit Death’s Domain
63. Equip a Mithril Weapon
64. Equip a Full Mithril Set
Equip the Mithril Platebody, the Mithril Full Helm and either Mithril Platelegs or the Mithril Plateskirt.
65. Equip a Studded Body and Studded Chaps
66. Equip a Maple Shortbow
67. Equip an Elemental Staff
68. Cast Home Teleport
69. Equip a Wizard Robe and Hat
70. Bury Some Bones
71. Restore 5 Prayer Points at an Altar
72. Superhuman Strength and Improved Reflexes
Use the Superhuman Strength prayer and the Improved Reflexes prayer at the same time.
73. Defeat a Goblin
74. Defeat a Guard
75. Defeat a Moss Giant
76. Complete a Beginner Clue Scroll
77. Complete an Easy Clue Scroll
78. Gain a Unique Item From a Beginner Clue
79. Gain a Unique Item From an Easy Clue
80. Burn Some Coloured Logs
81. Eat some Purple Sweets
82. Enter your Player Owned House
83. Complete the Easy Western Provinces Diary
Complete all easy tasks in the Western Provinces Achievement Diary.

Hope our guide can help you complete OSRS Trailblazer tasks.

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