Organic Skincare Products Can Be Made Cheaply & Easily at Home


Organic skincare products can be made Collagen Refresh Lemonade Review   cheaply and easily at home. You also have the reassurance that the products you make truly are from organic sources. Many commercial brands labeled as “organic” only have as little as 70% of their ingredients from natural sources. This means that despite your best intentions to use beauty products containing ingredients from organic sources, you may be paying for chemical ingredients that you had no intention of using in the first place.

Organic skincare products such as lip balms, lotions, soaps and masks can be made at home for a mere fraction of what you would pay for these ingredients in the stores. When you buy these products in the stores, you are paying largely for the privilege of pretty packaging and expensive advertising campaigns featuring over-paid actresses and supermodels. Did you know that cosmetics and skin care products are marked up as much as 2000% Yes, you did read that right–2000%.

Organic skincare products such as masks and hair treatments can be made from products straight out of your refrigerator and pantry. For example, a great treatment for dry hair is a hair mask made out of a couple of beaten eggs mixed with a bit of olive oil. Apply this to dry hair, then tuck the hair up in a plastic shower cap to let your body heat drive the mixture into the hair cuticle for smooth, shiny hair. You can make a mask for oily skin out of oatmeal and honey to control oil and exfoliate the skin. There are many other examples of these types of simple, yet highly effective products you can make straight out of your kitchen cupboards.

Organic skincare products such as rich, creamy lotions, shampoo and soap can also be made at home. Making lotion is not any bit more difficult than making salad dressing; the only real difference is that you must sanitize all of your equipment before making lotions with a bleach solution. This is to kill any microbes that could enter your lotion and make it spoil. Shampoo is also a snap to make using either solid or liquid castile soap as a base. Making soap from scratch Well, it is a little harder; I’m not going to fib about that! But you can find organic melt and pour soap base that simplifies the process 100%.

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