ok,relax and take the august break

One of the most important thing we ,may leaen as leaders is that the achievemnt of our individual destiny is inevitable. Destiny can never be delayed or denied except by the carier of the destiny(by his laxity or laziness or in what he fails to do). This implies that we can surely achieve the noble goals and vision we aspire to. This also implies that no external factor can misdirect our private destiny without our express consent.
The most important factor for the achievment of a great destiny is within,it lies in our ability
To foresee a great future
Plan that future,
Strategize that future
And finally
To mobilise resources for the attainment of this destiny.
A point to note here is that our inner destiny is not dependent on external factors such as society,government or what any and everybody else have failed to doc rather irrespective of what our external world is,you can always build a greater destiny if you are ‘deligent’ on the path.
Sucess is like the journey of a thousand miles where each step takes us closer.
Secondly sucess is like unto the ascent of a ,ountain,it only comes closer as you go closer to it.
You can take an august break if you have to.
You can rest awhile if need be.
For most of us,the first part of the year has gone without much achievement,that is not even the main issue,the troubling thing right now is that many are losing jobs,hope,faith, and gaining anxiety,stress,headache,tension and heartache.
Some workaholics like me will cry a thousand tears,some will even cry a river not because anything pains them but because they cannot go to work freely (this can be painfully suffocating when there is nothing to do. I believe some of this my tribe member are already developing a foggy mind bacause of boredom)

” Be still and know that i exist” – Holy writ
If need be,take the ” August break” and be still knowing that tumoro will be better than the past.
Be still And know you are created in an image that is greater than whatever is in front of you cos greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.
Be stilland know that Though everything may seem to work in an unforseen way,the end will be good.
If you need to rest the the August break can be well utilised.

You can run an experiment,try to relax your
Self this month and know you are stepping into a greater month right from september.
Be ready for a brighter future.
Cheers and happy new month

Eleas Stanley Bhuji
Eleas Stanley Bhuji
You can reach me on contact@bhitmagazine.com.ng 08097886721,08114521683 Cheers

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