The quality of smoke varies with its quality, as the high quality extra virgin olive oils having low free fatty acids have a high smoke point. Though it is an excellent choice it is expensive too. The weight produced by the low-quality olive oils has a much lower smoke point. The oils which have higher smoke point i.e. 400 degrees F and higher are best suited for cooking at higher temperatures. The best oils which can very well stand up to higher heat during the process of frying are peanut, canola, avocado, sesame, and sunflower oil. The olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well as rich in anti-oxidants and when it is heated above its smoking point, the olive oil mono-saturated fatty acids break down. When olive oil is too hot, the healthy benefits of this oil degrade to the level of other oils. The California olives are equipped with numerous health benefits.

Smoke Point of Olive Oil

The smoke point of an oil is determined by the chemical structure and there are various factors which affect the olive oil smoke point i.e volume of oil that is used (higher for the deep frying), size of the container (deeper the pan, higher the smoke point), air currents (in ovens with the ventilator, the smoke point will be lower) and finally comes the type and source of light ( UV light damages the olive oil, therefore it is kept in a tinted bottle).

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