With Mahogany Homes added in game, you can be able to gain OSRS Carpenter points to buy Carpenter’s outfit, Supply crate and others from Mahogany Homes Reward Shop. Read below for more details.

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How to obtain OSRS Carpenter points? 

Mahogany Homes is a new way to train Construction skill. It has been passed the poll and now is live in the game. Carpenter points is the reward currency, which can be obtained by completing Construction contracts for clients of Mahogany Homes. And the amount of Carpenter points depends on the contract tier and Construction experience. 
There are four tiers of Construction contracts awarding different amount of Carpenter points, like: 
Beginner (level 1 Construction): 1 Carpenter points and 500 Construction XP
Novice (level 20 Construction): 2 Carpenter points and 1,250 Construction XP 
Adept (level 50 Construction): 3 Carpenter points and 2,250 Construction XP 
Expert (level 70 Construction): 4 Carpenter points and 2,750 Construction XP 

Use OSRS Carpenter points to get Carpenter’s outfit & more 

As the currency of Mahogany Homes, you can use Carpenter points to buy various rewards at Mahogany Homes Reward Shop run by Amy in Falador: 
– Supply crate: 25 Carpenter points
– Amy’s saw: 500 Carpenter points
– Plank sack: 350 Carpenter points
– Hosidius blueprints: 2,000 Carpenter points
– Carpenter’s helmet: 400 Carpenter points
– Carpenter’s shirt: 800 Carpenter points
– Carpenter’s trousers: 600 Carpenter points
– Carpenter’s boots: 200 Carpenter points 

Come to get OSRS Carpenter points for Carpenter’s outfit and other rewards now.

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