oat milk benefits and side effects

Benefits of oat milk wouldn’t be my of course bocas never like my first the very mild sweetness yeah cuz oats naturally have a bit of sweetness I think it’s still sweet a little bit yeah like if I put it in my coffee I think it might actually be a little Tuesday I don’t like she’s really really I feel like refrigerator it’s very smooth again no none of that like grittiness feel like my mouth was a little dry I meant thought I think oat milk just does that I think all plant milks just plant milk plant root right I literally this tastes like a bowl of oatmeal if you didn’t put if you just put a little salt in oatmeal and water like and made boats like it tastes like that it’s really different than the other two it’s very it’s interesting when you do it side by side because you think they’ll see so earthy yeah tasting earthy and like a little sweet yeah I’m not crazy about it I’m writing I like a lot but it’s not that creamy it’s not like no it’s very water milky but it’s not creamy like yeah like a half and a half type of creamy it’s literally it tastes like what almond milk is usually tasting yeah it’s like consistency is almost like a soggy net but it’s a you know I knew it a seven that’s good yeah do you not give her school supplies so much I was like I’m gonna give it a nine I really liked it I love oatmeal if you go on my Instagram you know I am very into you like oatmeal yeah nobody knows I don’t even know you breaking I have never seen you eat that I know it literally posted one before coming to my oatmeal any use it because of that I like oatmeal and I like this because it tastes like a lot I’m gonna give it a seven as well because I think I like the other two better and probably by those over this one but if but if you do want like something earthy or something for savory dishes I think it’s good one barely any I like that – I like milk that’s that’s really good I like that a lot you don’t like it I know I do I’m just like what am i tasting hmm it’s definitely the least sweet that’s my favorite one I don’t know what that is that’s you think it’s less sweet than the last one it’s very it’s like buttery almost yeah there’s like there’s not as much of an earthiness to it doesn’t taste like an actual oat per se but it’s really good on the rating do they think this one’s creamier yeah I think this is the previous one we’ve had does this only to you I’m hypothesized I don’t like to make judgments hypothesizing not judgements it’s science Nisha I don’t know that I ever had openly plain so it’s hard to say I think it’s but I really like it I think it’s

oat milk benefits and side effects when it comes to like coffee if I want like oat milk on my coffee I want to be a little sweet a 2% type of milk versus a like a full creamy yeah and it’s really good it doesn’t taste like it’s sweetened but milk does have like a naturally sweet taste this taste very versatile like yeah it’s not so sweet but I wouldn’t be able to put in mashed potatoes you know right like if you were like it perfect I also think that this one has a strong flavor more than the first two yes maybe it’s elmhurst not quite as much as the third I thought the third had the most note yeah flavor buttery buttery is a great way to put it cuz it’s not like thick yeah also not grainy not green I think it is kind of thick I think it’s thicker than a lot of though I think it’s probably play this one we’ve had I feel like the flavor but the flavor is thick and

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