Mobile applications and websites are both software programs made for mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. But applications are something that is downloaded on the mobile devices from the stores and websites are visited from the browser installed in mobile devices.

People often confuse mobile applications with mobile website. But little did they know these are entirely two different entities. Though, some of the features of mobile app development is similar to mobile website development. As, mobile devices are newest trend mobile app development company are well aware of the fact and working hard to develop both amazing mobile applications and mobile websites.

What is a Mobile Application? 

Mobile application or mobile app is a computer program or software program that is developed for mobile devices, not just phones but also for the tablets or smartwatches.  Mobile applications were basically developed for essential assistance and productive services like calendar, emails or contacts the things a person need handy. But over the years, the raising in the number of mobile phone users the type of mobile applications also rapidly grow like there are now social media applications, mobile games etc. 

What is a Mobile Website? 

The mobile web refers to browser-based World Wide Web services accessed from mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or feature phones or iPads. Mobile website is an updated version website that is optimized to use on smart mobile devices.Mobile websitesconsists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and optimized for using at mobile.

Mobile App vs Mobile Website


There’s a huge difference between mobile applications and mobile websites when we talk about branding. One of the main motive of mobile application development is branding. Mobile applications are developed nowadays to make sure the company in question gain the required amount of audience and branding for its business whereas mobile website is about everything but not branding.

Personal Touch

Mobile application development is all about personal touch a customization as per the market needs, company’s work and target audience. Whereas, mobile website is meant to reach everyone hence it lacks the personal touch.

Access to phone’s assets

Mobile applications are made to use phone’s assets like camera, location, gallery, contacts and what not. Can you imagine your users using a messenger website and not able to send he picture? No, right. And when it comes to mobile websites your users can’t use these assets. Hence, having a mobile application is way too better for business.

Works Offline as well

Mobile application developers usually built applications in a way that they will work even when there is no Internet available and hence it is a scoring point for every business. And when it comes to websites users can’t access them without Internet connection biggest drawback.


No matter how much mobile applications are doing round in the app stores, but still when it comes to score the point in term of audience Mobile Website always score more because people surf net more an hence attracting the larger audience is easy with mobile websites.


When it comes to the development cost, mobile websites are obviously cheaper because, unlike mobile applications it totally depends on the browsers and when it comes to browser all the browser are more or less similar irrespective of the operating systems. Whereas, mobile applications development cost is bit high because of different platforms involved and one application is needed to build for all the platforms.

Wrapping Up

Be it mobile application or mobile website both are needed for a business to grow and to reach the audience but if you’re a small startup why not get your mobile website built first and then move to the mobile application development. This way you’ll able to cut the expanse and also mobile websites are SEO friendly which is again a plus point. But if you’re already a well-established company you should not waste a single minute and move your business to mobile application.

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