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may your noble best express itself in all you do

May your noble aspiration find its expresion in everything you do.
May your path shine with the golden “Image” that you have within.
May you make a way where there seems to be no way.
May the Divine grace win you shine everything that you touch or do.
May your heart grow in wisdom,understanding and gain a deeper knowledge of the purpose of God for you.
Everyday is a new day,a new day to start afresh,an oppurtunity to blossom the ever unfolding best that is within you. Every new sun can signal a ray of faith on your path to excellence,especially if armed with the lessons of yesteryears,lessons learnt in the wilderness of deep contemplation and inquiry into the meaning that each event and experience holds for you.
I believe in the future,a future built by effort of great minds willing to create a better life for humanity and posterity.
A future where love,discipline,integrity and dedicated work reigns supreme.
We all have roles to play in this grand scheme,we all can becausee we all have noble qualities and cherished/values.
You can be born anew every morning,you can build a brighter future for yourself and for the rest of humanity using YOU.
Dance to your drumbeat,dance into a new and brighter month ahead,dance into a new day that was once in the future.
Move with the enthusiasm of a champion.
Move with the faith of a winner.
Move like a hero in time.
Move with the strenfth of the Image in you
Move like the captain of your future.
Never give up,never relent,never quit,rest if you have to but firedown afterwords.
You are a champion,you are a winner. Do you wonder why i say so.
Ok lets check it,if 20,000eople ran a race and one wins,what would you call him-i believe you would call hima winner,if this be so then what would you call the sperm that swam acros great sea,surpassed over 100,000,000 other sperms to fertilize’an egg. Nnoononononon you just need to clap for yourself,yes do it,clap ….you deserve it.
So if you defeated over 100,000,000 then you can…..always
MAY you always “can”

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