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Marketing Automation. What are auto funnels?

What is Marketing Automation? This is what increases the conversion of the site and helps to infect potential customers with the value of our product. What’s the point in attracting a lot of traffic if only 1-2% of visitors reach the application? It makes little sense. Therefore, instead of pouring the advertising budget down the toilet, it will be advisable to first establish a conversion, and only then pile up the budget.

The good news is that the internet marketing market is getting less wild every year. The focus of marketers is increasingly shifting from traffic surge to personal work with each specific user.

Keeping up with the explosion of digital marketing is not easy. In fact, companies don’t have to chase trends to be effective on the Internet. One of these trends is automation marketing tools, which runs like a red thread throughout the digital industry. But in reality, marketing automation is still far from being ubiquitous. What is the problem?

Not all marketers understand automation marketing tools.

The fact is that not knowing how to explain this concept means not understanding the problems that automation allows you to solve. Also, not everyone sees value in automation. What does it mean? This means that people do not understand how automation marketing tools will increase conversions day after day. Often, if someone has heard about some disparate digital tools, he does not realize their potential in the complex.

It is important to understand that you cannot just press a couple of buttons and forget about everything. Automation does not do marketing for us. It strengthens existing processes, provided that these business processes are working. The goal of automation marketing tools is to prepare the client for a long-term relationship and make the person an offer on time that he cannot refuse. What does it mean?

This means that you will have to focus on tasks that go beyond the locks of direct selling.

Also, most companies often focus on making more sales with digital. But as Zhvanetsky said, it is useless to fight mold until the problem with dampness is solved. There is a widespread belief in the marketing environment that automation marketing tools is spam.

In fact, proper automation makes it possible to be closer to a potential client and bring real benefits to people.

Thanks to automation, each user receives relevant content at the right time. How is this achieved? Due to the fact that automation combines the holy trinity of marketing, when the right message is delivered to the right user at the right time.

What processes are included in automation marketing tools? This is collecting user data, lead generation, lead scoring, and event analytics, warming up users and converting them into paying customers, as well as retaining regular customers and working with loyalty.

It is automation marketing tools that makes it possible to personalize communication with users based on their real behavior, which allows us to provide an individual approach for each specific client.

Also, based on behavioral factors, it becomes possible to run trigger chains of messages. What are behavioral factors? These are specific actions of the user on the site. The fact is that between how the user enters the site and how he performs the target action, there are many different events and if you track these events, then you can start working with the audience personified.

There is actually a lot more personal in marketing automation than in typical sales. By collecting information about user actions, we can send messages with the most relevant content at the exact moment in time when a person is most interested in it. One of the key principles of internet marketing is personalization and the best helper in this is a marketing automation tool called event analytics. What can event analytics do? It tracks all user actions on the site. Thanks to this, we can create funnels for different segments of users, depending on their actions.

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