Make Money Blogging: My Very Own Technique


Have you been so obsessed with your Nigerian WordPress blog that you’ve thought many times “HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY WITH THIS MY NIGERIAN BLOG”.

People have various perspective to why they blog. To some people, it is their passion. They have it within themselves to share their knowledge or what to know to audience via online.

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To most people they see it as a very lucrative job where money pop in and out and a means of making lots and lots of money.

The question is “WHY DO I BLOG”

Sit tight, grab a drink while I show you my very own techniques of making money through blogging.


This is platform from Google made to patronize bloggers in a way to make money. They provide Ads, you place it on your blog or website; the more people view the ads, the more your money keeps coming.


This technique is one quickest and sharpest way to make money. Most company loves their brand/product been advertised. This creates a chance for bloggers to earn money (i.e I advertise your products, you pay me)

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Those whose blogs for into entertainment, you could earn money too from Musicians/Artist (I promote his songs and the Artist pays) cool right!


You could setup a tutorial class where you train people on blogging. You teach and they pay There you have it “My Very Own Techniques of Making Money through Blogging”.


I hope this guide has answered any question you had on “HOW DO I MAKE MONEY THROUGH BLOGGING”.

But if in case you have questions

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